Impact more lives & fill your client roster for the year, in one rockin workshop or live event!
I'll show you step by step how to fill the room, rock high-impact content that serves the world in a bigger way, AND create a rush of new sales at the back of the room! (even if you're nervous)
*See Our Rockin Satisfaction Guarantee Below!*
Here's the Roadmap to An Event That Positively Impacts More Lives,
Creates a New Wave of Momentum, and a Rush of Clients too.
Hey Psssst! You don't need to be famous and you don't need to break the bank either!
Fill Your Rockin Workshop
With the right vision & action plan even a 1st time event host can attract a room of ideal clients!
Craft Content to Serve & Sell
Let's add strategy to your hot content, so you know exactly how to serve the room & generate sales
Rock Your Revenue
Activate multiple profit paths & generate months or even a year's worth of revenue from one event.
Here's Everything I'm Giving You Inside
the Rock Your Workshop Program
  •  Set the right goals to create a rush of revenue that will rev you up!
  •  Align your event with your brand to provide the highest level experience for attendees!
  •  Create a clear & compelling vision that will attract ideal clients!
  •  Find just the right location that is on brand & on budget!
  •  Follow a simple budget guide that won't bust your bank account or your business!
  •  Build the team that will support you, your goals, & your attendees at the highest level!
  •  Craft on brand content to deliver big impact, attract ideal clients, & support your offer too!
  • Understand how outside speakers & sponsors can add revenue to your event (and what to avoid)!
  •  Craft an offer that's comfortable and high-converting... creating a rush of new sales!
Module 1: Roadmap to Rockin Workshop
Module 2: Fill the Room with a Rockin Audience
Module 3: Finding the Best Location For Your Event (and your brand)
Module 4: Create a Rockin Strategy & Event Schedule
Module 5: Add Your Unique Branded Elements that Turn Your Event into a Stand Out
Module 6: Create a Hot Offer & Comfortably Close the Room (without resorting to high pressure tactics)
Module 7: Add Another Layer of Promotion & Revenue with Partners, Speakers, and Sponsors.
Module 8: Build a Rockin Team to Support You, Your Goals, and Your Audience at the Highest Level.
Module 9: Create Your Highly Visible Promotional Plan

$3,300.00 of Training & Strategy to Rock Your Workshop
"This plan is exactly how I skyrocketed from workshops that generated $3k
to workshops that generated $300,000.00. It's all about the strategy."
Kristin Thompson
"Within 6 weeks of working with you, I hosted my first workshop
ever & made over $39,000.00."
Jeannie Spiro
Amazing! Amanda's first ever event, and first time making an offer
from the stage generated over six-figures!
Amanda Moxley
Rock Out Faster & Easier Results with this Big Bonus Bundle!
Get More Gigs Training & 30 Day Challenge $997.00 Value

Enjoy Kristin’s “30 Gigs in 30 Days!” speaking gig system so that you’ll know exactly how to approach event organizers, what to say, and why… so you can start booking your calendar with high-visibility speaking gigs right away! Any one with a message can get gigs immediately… so let’s get rockin!

Full Length Get more Gigs Training, Booking Script, Talk Promotion One Sheet Template, 30 Day Action Calendar, 30-day of hot tips and support straight to your inbox.
Training Package Now Worth $4,297.00
Rock Your Workshop Swipe Files

Why waste time creating everything from scratch, when I've already done the testing, and the trials for you! 

So I'm giving you access to my one day, two day, and three day event schedule & content planner. 

You'll also get copy, customize & paste promotional email templates to help fill your event!

Plus an easy to follow promo timeline too!

We're making this plug and play for you!
Training Package Now Worth $5,294.00
Rock It Out Online Tutorial!
$997.00 VALUE

Online marketing can be made to feel super complicated.... but it doesn't have to be!

I'll walk you through the 1-2-3 of how we create our Facebook Ads & Opt In Pages.

We'll keep it simple, but high converting baby! So you can attract more leads & attendees!

Training Package Now Worth $6,291.00
Four Tickets to Attend Rock Your Talk Live
$2,000.00 VALUE

Join Kristin and her amazing friends and clients, for 3-days of live training that will help you learn how to rock your brand, talk, and revenue to new levels.

Few things are better for your biz than a few days, in a beautiful location, totally focused on YOU, your goals, your dreams for your business.
DAY ONE: Rock Your Talk
DAY TWO: Rock Your Revenue
DAY THREE: Rock Your Life
Total Rock Your Workshop Package Now Worth $8,291.00
I'm so excited to welcome you into the Rock Your Workshop Training! I want you to feel safe saying yes. And, I know not everyone in the marketplace delivers what they say they will. So I wanted to make it easy for you to dive in and take action.
So I'm giving you a 30-day, 100% money back guarantee so you can go through the entire program, risk free.

Simply return your completed worksheets from the first 3 modules to Support @

If you've completed those modules and you're not satisfied, I'll happily return your investment.

Download the Rock Your Workshop Schedule & Content Flow Guide

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